Install binary

cd $HOME
git clone https://github.com/JackalLabs/canine-chain.git -b v1.1.2
cd $HOME/canine-chain
make install

Genesis file & Addrbook

wget http://jackal.web3validator.info:5000/genesis.json -P $HOME/.canine/config

wget http://jackal.web3validator.info:5000/addrbook.json -P $HOME/.canine/config

You need to install canined.service

wget http://jackal.web3validator.info:5000/canined.service -P /etc/systemd/system/

If you want to quickly catch up with the network, use this StateSync

State sync


We get the height and txhash -> config.toml

LATEST_HEIGHT=$(curl -s $SNAP_RPC/block | jq -r .result.block.header.height); \
TRUST_HASH=$(curl -s "$SNAP_RPC/block?height=$BLOCK_HEIGHT" | jq -r .result.block_id.hash) && \
sed -i.bak -E "s|^(enable[[:space:]]+=[[:space:]]+).*$|\1true| ; \
s|^(rpc_servers[[:space:]]+=[[:space:]]+).*$|\1\"$SNAP_RPC,$SNAP_RPC\"| ; \
s|^(trust_height[[:space:]]+=[[:space:]]+).*$|\1$BLOCK_HEIGHT| ; \
s|^(trust_hash[[:space:]]+=[[:space:]]+).*$|\1\"$TRUST_HASH\"| ; \
s|^(seeds[[:space:]]+=[[:space:]]+).*$|\1\"\"|" $HOME/$Name_config_file/config/config.toml
sed -i.bak -e  "s/^persistent_peers *=.*/persistent_peers = \"$peers\"/" $HOME/.canine/config/config.toml

Reset the database and restart the node

sudo systemctl stop canined && 
canined tendermint unsafe-reset-all --home $HOME/$Name_config_file --keep-addr-book
sudo systemctl start canined && sudo journalctl -u canined -f --no-hostname -o cat

Soon in developing:

Web3Validator team is developing a very well thought out the monitoring bot that can monitor your node uptime. We can implement it on various Cosmos SDK networks and will gladly add it to any new network! It’s just super convenient:

*Without installing any software (grafana, tenderduty, prometheus or etc.)

*That bot not only warns that the validator is already in jail but pings you when your validator starts skipping blocks to keep you out of jail !!!

*Сan tell you about the time left before being sent to jail.

*Clear and pleasant GUI, and also a validator status check. Also this bot can be customizable and it may add many other functions. We already implement many known cosmo-networks and all of them fully support us.

Now part of the validator’s commission goes to help the people of 🇺🇦 Ukraine who suffered from the war. Delegate now!